Elon Musk changes Twitter's logo and name: the new platform is called 'X'.

Elon Musk changes Twitter's logo and name: the new platform is called 'X'.

Although it sounds all too familiar, Elon Musk has introduced further changes to Twitter.

The owner of the social network has announced that from now on it will be called 'X' and that it will be a platform "focused on audio, video, messaging and payments".

He also explained that it will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"Soon we will say goodbye to the Twitter brand and, gradually, to all the birds," the billionaire commented in the early hours of last night.

"If a good enough X logo is released tonight, we'll make it the new social network logo tomorrow," Musk added.

So, in addition to the name change, the logo of the little blue bird is modified by a letter 'X', something he justifies "to embody the imperfections" of the social network.

These modifications have surprised many, but in October last year the South African tycoon had already warned that buying Twitter would be "an accelerator" to create a super app that he would call 'X'.

Within months, Musk had created two new companies, X Holdings Corp. and X Corp.

Elon Musk warned about these changes as early as October last year

He has not been the only leader to announce these changes to the platform. In fact, Linda Yaccarino, CEO of Twitter, has shared the new logo on her profile, which has already been projected in their offices in San Francisco.

Top officials argue that, with this logo change, Twitter has "a second chance to make another great impression" and that it is "the future of unlimited interactivity, focused on audio, video, messaging, payments/banking".

The new version of the social network is "creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunities", Yaccarino said.

One of the new features is that AI will act to "connect everyone". But new functionalities are "just beginning" to be introduced.